favorite audible reviews

“I sampled a lot of performances on here before choosing this one. It’s absolutely awesome. Cross’s natural voice is so fitting for Ishmael, but he also does fantastic voices for every other character in the novel.

Slightly off topic, but I finished this about a month ago, and I’ve gotten in the habit of listening to it every night when I go to bed. It helps to distract me from my sleeping problems/recurring nightmares. My point is that the narration is so good and the content of the book is so dense and fantastic that I’ve listened to it every night for a month, and it hasn’t gotten old.”

Favorite negative review (also for Moby Dick)-

“Stubb sounds like a cartoon weasel, and Ahab sounds like a hipster on talk-like-a-pirate day. “

And in case you missed it – Fevers, Feuds, and Diamonds was featured on Audiofile Magazine’s podcast Behind the Mic. “Host Jo Reed and AudioFile’s Alan Minskoff discuss the crisp voice Cross uses to narrate Harvard epidemiologist Paul Farmer’s true and sad account, one that gives listeners the gnawing sense that in pandemics and epidemics, care should always triumph over control, and that “stuff, staff, and systems” go a long way toward managing the sick.”:

Fevers, Feuds, and Diamonds by Paul Farmer, Read by Pete Cross